Monday, 28 January 2013

Team Raliegh Mallorca training camp - Part 1

Hello and good day,
I have been down in Mallorca now for 5 days and have very quickly realized why this is such an amazing and popular place to train for pro's and amateurs alike. The weather since we've arrived has been more/less ideal. Nothing crazy hot but not snowing either and I haven't had to much as looked at a set of rollers so that alone has made for a great time!

I'll start by saying the riding is some of the most scenic and challenging i have come across in my days. Yesterday we finally stepped into the mountains that stare down at us every morning and it was quiet literally breath taking, especially as we were flogging our selves up a 14km beast of a climb but even as I was beginning to taste blood I was able to look around and take in some of the best views I've ever seen... Unfortunately reaching for my iphone for a quick shot was not in the cards as I was on high alert for one of the many pending attacks from my teammates! Thanks boys. I guess I'll just have to come back down here again to get the pictures...damn..

Other notables from T.R.M.t.c.

-my bike, I am happy to say is totally awesome! Not only does it look good but it goooooes faaast.

- buffets are a dangerous thing after 5+hrs on the bike or before 5+hr ...actually buffets are just a dangerous thing for cyclists in general..

- Mallorca is a "hot spot" destination for seniors in the off-season. outside of our team I think the average age of the hotels guest's is roughly post mordem minus a day...

- We lost Kiwi Tom for a little bit on yesterdays ride but soon realized what had caused the delay..

-I'd like to give a quick shout out to Giro for hooking me up with the most comfortable shoes I've ever strapped on! It's going to be a great year with these babys on my feet.

-I have a hell of a long way to come in the legging tan department! Damn Aussie sumer!

- I'm rooming with one of our 2 French riders, Eric Bertheu and as of yet I have not learnt a single word of French from him, though I must admit it is incredibly respectful of these guys to speak predominately english when around other anglo's, Merci!...season goal=learn more french.

I have no clue what the game plan is for the next 5 days but I have high hopes and no doubts that I'll be leaving here with a grin ear to ear.

I'll do my best to get some more shots while I'm out there for the next much to do here...

Stay tuned.