Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Team Raleigh Mallorca training camp part-2

Today was a good day, in fact, today was as close to perfect as it gets when I think of training. 

The camp here has been an inclerdibly positive exp√©rience thus far and today was no exception. After a a flat/rolling day out yesterday and a fantastic coffee spin monday we were heading back in to the mountains and I was stoked. Ya, ya..I's not that I'm all about going up hills but lets be honest, given our location, bang for the buck it's hard to beat what we have available here! Also the sights to be had are unlike anywhere else (I've been at least). 

Just to give you a play by play of how an average day here at Groundhog Day 2013 looks like I'll take you through a proper "day in the life", enjoy...

The hardest part of the day is waking up to this ridiculous view! I know, right!

Another scrumptious meal at the buffet. Crepes, Fresh fruit, Muesli, eggs and REAL coffee

Had a nice role out through a town called Inca, was wondering where the previously mentioned fresh fruit came from...Street oranges. Brilliant!

The first climb was rather unpleasant and included a lot of heavy breathing so there was no time for documenting this occasion. instead..

After a quick regroup and refuel we were on to the second of the days climbs, Sa Calabora. I think that's spanish for, Suffering Had By All. 

Suffering aside though this was by far the coolest decent i have ever done! Actually nearly stacked it a few times because I was staring off the edge...not the best practice I suppose.

Little beach town at the bottom of the decent, a coffee here would have been ideal. Ah well, another time.

Moving on was more epicness, more amazing decents, climbs and scenery. Did I mention the safetys came off?? First no leg warmer ride of 2013. I tried to get a shot but they were too bright for the camerea.

The final climb of the day offered the best view of the day hands down. They could also be do to the fact I could actually breath enough to enjoy it..either way..

All and all this was one of the coolest ride I've ever done. Body was feeling great all day and when ever I was as Phil Ligett would say "in a spot of bother" I would just take a moment to look around and enjoy how amazing this sport is and what it allows me to do.

Only 3 more days left of this dream like camp and then it's back to Derby, which now that the snow's gone I imagine will look like a totally new place...exciting times ahead?

For now though, Sleep. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. Great blog Rob. Liv'ing the dream!!

    All the best in 2013.

    John Tolkamp