Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's Official

Yes in deed.
It is now official and I can Tweet, Facebook, Carrier Pigeon and Blog up a storm about how awesome out new kits look, amazing our sponsors are and how friendly hard working everyone involved with the team is.
The men and their machine -thanks toe team Raleigh for the photo
I've been slowly getting to know my teammates as they've began to arrived and thus far I couldn't be more pumped with the crew we have. Each of these guys has some serious accolades to their name and as a whole there is a ton of fire power with this team. If you read between the lines and also the last post, all that basically says is that training camp is going to be a blast and after going toe to toe with some of these guys the rest of the season should be a breeze!
Though I dont want to go through each of these guys all (right now) I will call out a couple as I've gotten to know them pretty good so far. The first obviously being my new flatmate for the year, Tom Scully, A rather strapping young Kiwi joining the team from Garmin last year. It's been a good time moving into our pad together learning a bit about each other, for example Tom's parents own a Cherry farm in NZL, Very cool. I love cherries. Also he doesn't really drink coffee....questionable behaviour for a cyclist, I'll see what I can do about that issue. Keep you posted.

Tom and the first house dinner.
Speaking of official things yesterday also marked the move in date for for the place I wil be calling a home for the next 9 months. I had heard a lot about where and where not to live in Derby for my trusty relocation adviser Jimmy Asperling that I hit the jackpot! It may only be day 2 here but living in a castle is pretty damn sweet! Yes, a castle, well...sort of...formerly an institution for the mentally unstable but definitely more castle than institute. More pics to come but heres a couple to give light to how I'll be spending my "down time".

We don't get the whole place....and yes that is snow...

Alrighty. I have a TON of amazing MOA clothing to sort and put away before we pack up again and head down to Spain on Thursdays...Next stop Mallorca!

Stay tuned.

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