Friday, 25 January 2013

If a picture's worth a thousand words??

Made it to Mallorca safe and sound. So far so good. First day on the new bike and I must say that Raleigh has done it right. The Militis is an awesome bike! Tomorrow we head into the mountain...Suddenly I was I had been riding more these past 2 weeks! ..let the measuring begin!

In the mean time here's A couple of photos for you to check out. 

Typical english breakfast

Not a hard view to wake up to..

this...well...uh...ya..your guess is as good as mine??

Arrived to this super cool sky line last night

more of the same, shot from our balcony

forced smile

Gooood morning

I imagine I'll be looking back at the hotel from those hills tomorrow at some point.

that's our room, vary top, with the cloud attached (comes w/ the room)

Selfless brand promotion

The sun setting on another day in paradise.

Dolce' vita.

until next time, Stay tuned.


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