Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Oh, Canada...

Ah, Tim Hortons, never ending rolling hills and the worlds largest collection of above ground swimming pools...yes, all of that could only mean 1 thing. I have arrived in the lovely Quebec city and am now await transport down to my home for the next 2 week, The Goergesville hotel, Saint Goerges QC. For the next week I'll be racing Canadas longest running UCI stage race - the Tour de Beauce. For this race however I will be leaving the Raleigh colors in my bag and donning the (newly redesigned) Canadian National team kit. This will be my 5th Beauce in 7 years...feels like I'm dating myself...anyways. It will also be the 2nd time I'll be doing it with the National team and this time I have high hopes that things will go MUCH better than last time! We have a rock star line up featuring some of Canadas brightest protour riders and more improtantly the team will feature 3 of Sandell's most wanted. Should be a fun week, heres hoping to good times and great results!

So, for the past couple of weeks I have been more or less on Vacation....well, actually I'll reword that (my boss reads this sometimes) I have been back home in Beautiful and (oddly) sunny Victoria.  With such a solid group of guys on the team this year for the tour series a couple of us were able to sneak away for a little private training and racing to prep us up for the final push on the Premier calendar come July. So? what was I up to the last 2 weeks? Well, Coffee, eatting, catching up with friends, ocen dips, patio beverages, more coffee, a couple of bike races and even managed to sneak in a couple of KOM rides while I was at it! Long story short, I just hit the reset button on the brain and I'm ready to tackle the next 3-4months head on.

That being said this will be my longest race in about a year so hopefully that motivation is ironclad!

Now heres a little photo collective of whats been going on during my time back home. Ridin bikes and loving love.

Many things may have change but BC Ferries remains the same, in this case I was lovin it!

Guest of honour - Ricki, telling us about her recent adventures

Coop and I after a spinerval session up the Observatory. 

A great view of Vic (and my forehead vien) from atop Mt. Doug.  the 18% grades were nearly worth it..

The Kid and I...they grow up so quickly!

The green machine, I never thought this day would come, or that I would be there to witness it. A sad day.

Ya, I'm juicen

Typical Victoria road

2nd quarterly shipment


"throw the ball..Pllleeeeeaassss throw the ball" result of too many ball throws. Rob -1 Nala - 0

Typical Sandell Breakfast

Pan Set
Victoria waterfront

Caddy Bay
Victoria inner harbour
Mitchosin quarry 

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Summer vacation in a day

Rest day best day?


Ocean, mountain, forest, city. Perfection

what a majestic beast.

I have soft feet.

Pub with a view 

it's a light perception 

an omen? 

The heart of Victoria

The hood. Coffee and a Lemon bar.

Don't laugh

High five?
could you ask for better friends. Dinner and a haircut!

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