Monday, 27 May 2013

It's a day-to-day, kind of thing

While I spend most of my days sitting either on my "comfortable", ultra light, carbon rail Fi:zi;k Antares saddle perch upon my trusty Raleigh Militis or the "recovery couch" (the worlds hungriest couch that will try and eat you at a moments notice).
I thought this week I would maybe talk about some of the other places that I have found my self frequenting since arriving here back in Janruary. These places help to bring and maintain a sense of "home" or normalcy here when at times it seems you're in a different world.
The first place I'll mention is the local pub - Obviously!

The Nags Head - the heart Mickleover

Highlights include, Curry night, an ever changing list of cask beers, different daily specials all through the week, the tours series, and certainly not least of all a sense of welcoming from the staff....regulars?

Next on the list and a place that supplies my other vice

PeliDeli - in Matlock

The owner Mike has put together a fantastic little cafe in the heart of Matlock, with top notch Hasbean coffee and an amazing selection of delicious sweets to help get you home even after the most deadly of hunger flats.

A recovery ride typically doesn't end with out a stop off at
Kona Blue Coffee - Center of Derby

These guys rock! Our most recent stop there included on of the best cupping/tasting experiences I've ever had.

A new edition to the list bring a little serenity to my life
The Cafe at the Burton under-needwood Marina.

I've just recently found out about this place but after a week of of lumpy 1500-2500 mtrs of climbing days and car dodging lanes this is the best way to unwind. Bike path pretty much door to door, good coffee (obviously) and a seat with a view.

Honourable mentions
- I have yet to venture over to ground Zero but these guys are amazing and have some unreal products going out the door!

Has Bean coffee - the best coffee around. - IMO.

- 1 Duesbury Court otherwise known as the Aussie consulit- Mickleover.
...a dated photo...or is it?
- Tesco - think discount grociers meets great value, on sale...Something like that.

So, that is more less how the days, weeks,  that turn into months look like for me. It's a pretty decent little setup here now.

On another note, I'm back in Canada for a few weeks.
More on that to come. Stay tuned.

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