Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Home Sweet Home

Wow, After my last post I have some exciting news! In very a few days time Derby will officially become the leader in the "most nights in one bed 2013" and yes I'm aware that in the grand scheme of things this doesn't really make it to the 6 o'clock news but in my world this is quite exciting...or at least something to look forward to, a sense of normality and routine - ahhh, a routine - how I missed thee.

The weekend had some pretty awesome adventures to tell of I suppose, I'll see what I can do to make them sounds as cool (probably more cool) than they actually were! The first of these said adventures was Saturdays main event, The Eddie Soens Memorial handicap road race. Now some of you may ask what is a handicap RR? Well in this case it's more less all levels of racers that start 1 min apart on the same course in ascending level (beginners first - elites last)of ability. So with 3 groups ahead of us and the lap only 1.6 Ml long we hit the gas straight from the gun as to keep the young ones from latching on and essentially winning the race. Here's the catch to these races, as you catch each of the groups ahead of you they don't yield or simply sit on...They full on chop in to the front line and have every bit as much desire to cross that line first as we do...even if some of them don't quite have the bike handling skills for such goals...With over 200 riders of extremely varying ability levels in one big group it made for some stressful moments at times. We had full intentions of controlling the group for a bunch kick as we had 3 solid guys on deck and with such a fast finish that was the safest bet. As the laps ticked down we moved to the front and did what we could to keep our guys out of trouble. At the end of the day Scud kicked in for 2nd behind some guy named Ed Clancy..
For more on the race check out the report from VeloUK here. 
Scud and the spoils

After the race most of the guys hopped in the cars and high tailed it down to france for the GP Lilliers. MarkO and I on the other hand were putting our looks to use with a little PR engagement at one of the local bike shops. It was my first time doing something like that, was fun time for both of us but after  that and in combination with the 5 am wake up I think I was out cold within about 5 mins of leaving the shop. Early morning*(bike racing+PR) = Coma. Thanks to Pete for driving us to and from as I would have probably passed out, crashed and died had I been behind the wheel... inconvenient.

kind of a big deal
So while the other fellas were down getting the job done in France and MarkO not being one to miss out on some suffering planned out a nice little loop to make up for our missed day of racing...I think in retrospect I would have rather done the race...Thanks Marko. Ah, it was all good, and I should have know what I was in for when he said it'll be nice to get in and be able to go straight into having dinner -Hmm, I usually have dinner around 6:30 - it was 10:30... So 6+ hrs later I was having the first of a couple dinners. All and all it was an awesome ride and we did manage to find some beautiful roads, some of the nicest I've ridden since arriving here. Thanks Marko.

After a weekend filled with that MUCH excitement we felt today would only be fair to treat as a rec. ride and take in the some of the simple things in life, ie enjoying a coffee on the patio in the sun with you bro's.
Life is good in Derby these days.

More on the life and times of Derby dwelling..
After about 180 KM and a 5 hr drie we were left a little peckish - Pizza anyone?

I think even David Blaine would be impress at how fast that disappeared...I am on a diet now.

This never gets old

Nottingham - the home of Raleigh bikes AND this guy...After a few pointers from the boys he was ready for the shot...

Hold still Sammy

Is it is it Nuclear or Nucular

Some delicious and Nutritious ride food. Thanks to Ricki and Allen Lim

Lazy OR Planning ahead??
Typical dinners scene, Mexcian shredded chicken, some bubbly water, Roast Squash, Tom  cutting his toe nails, Green salad...the usual.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading.


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