Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Here, There and a few places in between

Thursday Mar 14.  8:45 am, finish breakfast- Complete an order for 5 bags of Hasbeans finest, gonna need a serious supply for this next journey. Spend the rest of the day riding, washing cloths, bike, dishes and then finishing up with a little bit of packing. Where to now? South of the border again, this time for a 1 day race in Cholet France. We set out for the journey Friday morning... The following 5 days have been an absolute blur! Lots of driving, a little sleeping, some hard racing, an 11th hour fedex delivery, 3 countries and a couple of flights later and now I'm writing you from Girona Spain!  

Was stressing out a little bit to much given the reality of the situation but thanks to a digital smack in the back of the head I realized how incredibly fortunate I am to even have this opportunity. Pff, a few extra dollars here and there to make things happen?? In 10 years from now do I really want to look back and say, man I'm really glad I saved that extra $$$ and missed out on what could have been an amazing adventure.... I think not! So, thanks Ricki.

So, obviously pretty stoked to be here in Spain. There's been a lot of hype around this place so I'm really hoping it lives up to it....and honestly I have no doubts it will.
Also looking forward to bumping in to some of the resident Canadians there and finally seeing an old friend that hasn't been around for a while. Sun shine And heat! Ridin in shorts and a jersey seems like a distant memory but I think if the meteorological Merlin is correct we may just see that as a reality. Fingers crossed.

In other news. I'm very proud to announce that the team is off to a unreal start down at the tour of Normandy with Scud winning the prologue and Alex scoring 3rd on the first stage. I guess we know who the A Team is... Haha. Looking forward to seeing what kind of damage the guys can do the rest of the week. Check out he updates here or here.

And now as usual here's an assortment of visual pleasures  showcasing the events of the last week.



A little piece of Heaven in Derby. Good food, great friends.

Hey. What are you lookin at?!

That pizza didn't stand a chance!

Matt was pretty disappointed to find that this egg-mobile wasn't made of chocolate

So...what do you think? Cut here?
Uh, Ya sure...that looks about right

Bikes clean and ready to rip! Thanks Pete!

The highlight of my finish on Sunday, Erics parents dog

Unconditional Love

France from the sky.

if this doesn't make you smile you may not have a soul.

Mondays diner consisted of a liquid diet. Deeeelicious.

thanks FedEx. Better late than never

We're goin to GIRONA!!

Thanks Ricki..

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