Monday, 9 September 2013

Just A Couple a' Pics..

Hey Hey!
Back in Canada and loving it. For those that don't know I just finished the inaugural tour of Alberta. What an amazing event and something I will (hopefully) report more on soon. For now here is a couple picture from the last month and change of my life. As a former teammate would say...gettin' round.

next stop - Quebec and the world tour.

...That old thing 
NOT made in China

Notre Dame

Can you see our lock? its the red one in the midle

Notre Dame

Breaking Bad fans will get this



Lazy tuesday? 
just another palace

Rickis first "real" crepe (sorry Virginie)

Brasserie l'ecole you are still my favorite

not sure what this thing was

inside the Arc (very cool!)

Arc de triumph...the day before the Tour.

That guy!?

Iteful Tower

Notre Dame...from a Bus

real or fake?

Give you something to half smile about.


Perfect end to the week. Dinner and beer on the Canal.

Whats Eric doin here?

Love. This wall

Louvre by night

my friend, somedays we have a lot in common

Nice and early for the Ride London cicle classic

recognize anything?

signing hands and shaking babies

out with the old...

in with the new!

That guy!


Serious bell upgrade! 

Breakfast. Victoria style.