Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Coffee and beer

Good day all.
Just like a quality american cycling magazine I'm given you the hottest stories in my world as they happen...or at least how I recount them happening...2 weeks after the fact...hopefully with equal entertainment value but probably at the cost of spelling and grammer purity.
Anyways, you've made ti this far so, where to begin? Story of my life I suppose.

Well, I'm back in Derby now after an amazing (near) month away training and racing in the warm sun of Spain and France. Looking ahead on the calendar it would appear that I will be kickin it here for some time now as our UK season really gets underway...before I go into whats coming up next I'll give a quick recap of the past 10 days or so.

I think last time I checked in I was just getting ready to push the pedals around for Tro Bro Leon, that has since come and gone and what an amazing race! I truly hope I get to come back and do it again next year...I imagine it to be like Roubaix but...FUN...ya... I'd also like to say a HUGE thanks you to all the friends and family of Eric and Alex for coming out and playing a HUGE role in our teams race for glory - these people volunteered their days to come and stand in the cold for hours, holding bottles and wheels at the end of EVERY SINGLE gravel section! Simply incredible - with out them many of use would have been down and out well before things really got going... so, THANK YOU or i guess since you probably won't understand any of this, Merci.

After TBL was done and in the books we ended off our little Euro trip with an amazing meal hosted at the restaurant where Virginie has been working the past few summers, apparently its quite the tourist hot spot..and after the meal we had I can see why. Delicious and a prefect way to and solid few weeks of racing.

Fast forward a week and a bit and I'm back in Derby. Took a couple days off to give my bidy a chance to kick what could have proved to be a rather nasty infection (as evidence by our other teammates Marko, Lach and later on T MO) but after that its been back to the grind. Last weekend was the Cicle Classic, the UK's Big one day UCI race of the year and one I had high hopes of performing in...sadly I did not get the opportunity to take the start...fret not, I've been able to use the form for something equally as satisfy, bagging some precious Strava KOMs - ego inflated. check!

The last few weeks has certanily provided no shortage of highs and lows and I have no doubts that trend will continue...all good though, legs are happy and the sun is shining and if that fails I hear Nice is nice this time of year...road trip anyone???

-oh, this post has nothing to do with either coffee nor beer other than I have confused both during this publication

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